Bachelor Degree Programmes

What is Management Studies?

You should enroll in a Management Studies degree if you wish to gain a deep understanding of how organizations function as one unified force of business. You will acquire a broad set of skills making you a highly desired employee with multiple career options. These include leadership, financial awareness, team work and computing, which are all extremely valuable on any job. Our BSc. Management Studies degree has been designed to ensure that graduates of the programme are fully equipped to thrive, be it in the coporate world or further academic endeavours. Alumni are essentially experts in their specific study option.


Generally, undergraduate-level management studies degrees last four years in the College, In the first four semesters of their degree, students will be introduced to key topics within business management and accounting. They can then choose to specialize in particular management option that interests them starting in the fifth semester. Professionals can start with the specialization since they enter with experience in their field from industry as well as a pre-requisite certificate in the choice of specialization (in most cases a professional qualification in accounting or related subject area). Options available are Accounting & Finance, Marketing and Human Resource Management. In this programme practical application of knowledge is equally as important as theoretical awareness. Further, since computers play the most significant role in the present administrative affairs, coursework requires students to headingsly use computing resources. In an information age, it is imperative that alumni are not handicapped on the job due to a lack of basic computing skills. Considering that Ghana is an English-speaking nation bordered exclusively by French speakers, we train our students in both languages to facilitate effective intra- and international communcation. As such, courses in either/both languages are mandatory during the first year of study, for those lacking proficiency.

The Accounting Specialization

Accounting is perfect for students with good numerical and analytical skills. The Accounting Specialization involves learning how to measure, process, analyze and communicate financial information about an organization to a variety of concerned parties. These may be investors, creditors, management, regulators or even the general public, in order to facilitate improvements and adherence to established rules and guidelines.


Accounting students will gain advanced theoretical and practical knowledge of accounting and finance while mastering computational skills and techniques used in professional accounting practice. Candidates will learn how to use industry standard accounting software and gain a broad understanding of accounting, finance and commercial within local and international contexts. Applicants for the accounting option are required to demonstrate a strong background in mathematics while those with previous exposure to statistics or business courses will have a slight advantage. Coursework involves a major research project along with other assessments including examinations, report submissions and group presentations. Our teaching staff has extensive professional experience in the accounting and finance sectors. Furthermore, students are encouraged to and assisted in finding relevant internships during the summer vacations after the fourth and sixth semesters of the programme to gain valuable work experience, language and accounting skills, as well as professional contacts.

Human Resource Management at ABC

People are undoubtedly the most important asset of any thriving business, and human resource managers are the main influencers of employee acquisition and retention. Here at ABC, we train students who assist in creating ideal workplace culture and encourage personnel development by selecting and maintaining employees who can contribute to a company's success.


Upon completion of the programme, graduates are able to:

  • help an organization reach its corporate goals with regards to its HR needs
  • ensure effective utilization and maximum development of human resources
  • promote respect for employees as humans
  • identify and satisfy individual needs within corporate boundaries
  • reconcile individual and organizational goals
  • maintain high employee morale
  • inculcate a sense of team spirit through collaboration
  • assist in employee's personal and professional development

Modern Graphic Design

Contemporary graphic design has been drawing closer to technology since the advent of design software such as Photoshop. In fact, many mistake the field to be synonymous to the Adobe product. On the contrary, Graphic Design sits at the crossways of imagination, communication and trade. Here at ABC, we are affiliated with the University of Education, Winneba to offer a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design intended for students with a passion for the creative arts and the intellectual discipline to progress with their ingenious and artistic skills at the Bachelor Degree level. UEW handles the conferrement of Graphic Design degrees.


An understanding of first principles helps to enhance understanding of a subject matter. That said,students are exposed to methods used in both traditional and novel graphic design techniques, such as hand-drawing, computer graphics, camerawork, printing among others. By the end of the programme, students would have developed skills in designing for publications, packaging, advertising, corporate branding and website development. These graduates are fully capable of delivering quality products from day one in industry. Our lecturers are constantly evaluated by NAB & UEW to ensure that teaching material is of the highest standards. We offer training in motion graphics, animation and photography as part of the programme.

Like our other BSc programme, Graphic Design is equal parts theory and application, to provide students with the knowledge and skills to make an immediate impact in the workplace. As such, coursework is frequently based on real-life scenarios, while summer breaks are often spent in various internships across the country.

Pre-University Assistance

For candidates who do not meet entry requirements for our BSc programmes, we offer WASSCE remedial services during the summer. Students who are then able to pass the Nov/Dec WASSCE resit gain automatic admission into the Bachelor Degree programme of their choice.

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