International Students

Advanced Business College receives a number of applications from international students who wish to join us for the next step in their academic journey. We welcome candidates from all parts of the world and ensure their comfort and proper integration into both the college and Ghanaian society. The college provides all the supported needed by our international students to practice and implement what they learn. Although international studies is regulated by the Ministry of Interior, we go an extra mile to assure their health, safety and comfort for the duration of their stay. We motivate all our international students to participate in the activities of the college to ease the process of assimilation.

Before each semester, we organize social events such as excursions and open days where international students from all colleges can come and socialize at our premises. We can try our best to assure our students of their well-being, however, nothing beats knowing there are others having a similar experience as you. Year-long activities are organized internally as well to the same end. Our international student orientation equips students with all the necessary information that they would need during their time at Advanced Business College and Ghana in general.

We welcome all the candidates from across the world with a promise to provide not only an amazing and supportive environment for learning, but also ample opportunities for growth and a successful career.

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