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Social Associations

ABC was established with a vision to mould tomorrow's leaders. The college aims at making the students experts in their respective fields, while facilitating their growth as a complete members of society. To that goal, we organize a number of events for our students, ranging from sports to more intellectually involving activities. We acknowledge it takes more than literary education to build well-rounded students.

Furthermore, ABC is an active participant in various events organized by the Ghana Association of Private Universities. Our students compete or collaborate with those from many other private universities in a number of activities. This ensures that our students are active in their social lives and are aware of the world beyond ABC.

As many institutions of higher learning, we also have a Student Representative Council (SRC). This is the main student-governing body, with social associations and synchronization as the main focus. It is responsible for planning and organizing a good portion of the aforementioned extra-curriculars, in conjunction with the College Council. The ultimate aim is to bring the entire ABC family together providing guidance to make students capable of learning from each other’s knowledge and unique skill-sets.